The story is now writing its first pages …

In May 2019 it appeard in Bacau, like in an ancient tale, a new an spectacular place, with fine and gentle colored armchairs, wallpaper with motifs inspired by the forest on Măgurei hill,with soup poured from carafes, sublime marinated meats and surprising toppings, salmon in cream sauce and Romanian dishes carefully prepared for guests from far away , with Savarin in new form and people whose desire is to make you feel special each time you come to visit.

A place that some guests already call home, a place where time stops for a bit to enjoy the atmosphere and taste, a place that needed a custom name.

Savarin was selected.

Savarin Restaurant.


As a recipe surprises you with color, aromas and taste, at Savarin we believe that the most important ‘ingredient’ of a restaurant is each team member. It is crucial for him to have the necessary experience to meet the challenges and we know that without extreme passion it is practically impossible for the end result to meet expectations.

It is a common and continuous effort, and everything is reflected in every plate that reaches the table.

It is about love for gastronomy and quality ingredients, attention to every detail and the desire to be the best.

Every day.

We are always looking for new people who have the necessary passion and dream of being a chef, waiter or bartender. If you want to be part of the Savarin Team, fill in and send us the form!